What is your favorite weapon?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

me new sword works good

me got to test me new sword it killz real good

me ask humen girl to do magik on it

she say it magik and have name but me forgetz already

but it killz real good

me had to kill same guy 2 times, cause jama man tried to save him fer sum reson but me put me sword all the way threw him no saving him now hahahhahahaahah stinky elf just stod there lik a pile of dung me not sure what he doing adventuring me tinks he would be a better guarding the bak of pig pen most days

me glad to get out of dis hol, me needs to get a horse and go for a long ride and me needs a bath so bad me also needz a good meal and some wine

Monday, December 7, 2009

Me new sword

Me gots a new sword

Me know it very sharp it cut me mace in half

Me not sure why so sharp but me wil ax da majic lady she may tink of sumting

Me tink uder tings hapens but mes not sure

uder orces gots real big then smal again no reason dugh

me ned to retink me quest to finds orces me not so sure wats going on me just so mad just wants to kill but really mes just wants to go back home

Friday, November 20, 2009

Me so shoked

Me so shoked me not hit big smely ting lik fiting smok

bigger dan me, me no can hit, but litle stinky ding tore it up me tink twice now maybe me won't splat him da next time he stand dare with hiz tumb up hiz arse

even pajama boy noked da monster arond sum da only ting me gud for waz getin hit and me gots hit alot

but me wory fader jon maybe no priest but a tieve he tuk all da shiny tings and me not understand how da bracers fit hiz skiny arms so well me not turn me bak on him anymore

me made me first puch out of da dragons head, it turned out nice me gave to da crazy elf to put his stinky weed in, me had no meed for da puch but me tought it would calm him down, me no want him to stab Jon in da back

me also wunder what will be in da rest of dis place me no like fiting tings me cant hit me just wish we get a leader and spend les tym talking and more tym adventuring

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dazed and Confuzed

Me been in fog sence jumped by kobolds, me no focus clear me no tink clear me no not me doing

Me can only tink about me fader me so mad me want to kil every ding around me

Maybe me shud go back to me home and take it back by force

Me make lots of gold and hire sum soldiers and me tak it all back and kil any humen who gets in me way

Every one telz me what to do, Buurk do this do this  do dat, me do what Buurk want to do

Me not no what to do maybe dats why I let dem push me arond

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bad memoryes

Me tought me was tuff, me tought me over Da's deth and da beating da townfoks gave me,

Me was so wrong, da kobolds dat jumped me made me remember da beating made me remember my Da dying me so sad, me wantz to cry but orces and menes don't cry when wez growz up

Me couldn't sleep so me crept back to where da litle wite dragon is at and me skinned it and tok the feetes and da tail, me can only find peace in killing and working on da tings me kiled.  Me went back to some of da kobolds and pulled out some of der dog lik teth, me not sure what me will do but maybe me make a necklace or bracelt and give to me Ma when me findz her

If da dreamz don't stop soon, me might have to smoke some of the stinkin weed  Me need ale. Me tired.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Comedy and Carnage

Me tought kobolds funy litle tings, me laffed and laffed at dem

dey nocked me down me stil laff at dem dey almost felt like dey try to tikle me

den dey started poking me with der litle nifes me stoped laffing and started smashing

me not tink dey so funy anymore, next time me will just smash

me was realy impresed at da carnage me mates inflicted on da litle dog faced dings

we keep dis up and we will be unstopable

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Me tried to make da litle ones understand da need of leadership, me not tink dey understand to well

Me tinks dey did a litle beter but me tinks me might need to do more dan scream next time maybe me bop one on da head to let dem know battle time me in charge

Me not afraid to die, but me not want to die during a debate of right and wrong in middle of battle later we can debate when we divide the treasure

Me not realy like the stikin dog headed thing on me neck, but me wanted to show me fierceness to the weak ones it smelz so bad  Me dad wood never approve

Me worried about dis group, me wander how me dad wood handle dis

da one called Perel is touched in da head he is burning is brain up with hiz herbs

the litle finger wiggler can't make a choice with out asking

the uder so called orc, she so quiet, but looks good when she bends over to pick up her hammer so me forgive her

the jammy man, me have no idea what he is doing, me tink he needz to go back to live in a cave under a rainbow

da stinky one he is a good one to have around like the litle healer nice to have one so near

over all not so bad, but dey need some training and displince or we going to get split up and all died